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Our History

Our story began almost 32 years ago in 1986 when we first entered furnishing stores to market some excess quantity of home furnishing textiles from an export shipment. Anoop and Meher visited several stores across the city, and what struck them the most was the sheer lack of variety. They noticed that all stores had the same colors, the same fabrics and there was in fact, very little choice for the Consumer. Each of these Stores had contracts with the same set of local handloom fabric manufacturers and they simply took, stocked and sold whatever was made available.

To offer a new look they decided to start a collection where fabrics were unique in design, texture, feel and wear quality. The huge variety of possibilities lent imaginative freedom to shoppers to dress up their homes.

The Business expanded from stores to Hotels and Institutions, who not only appreciated the diverse range of fabrics and wanted designs that were custom made to their unique specifications.

Thus inspired, they explored further and started thinking out of the box.

We discovered a world of local fabrics in beautiful ikats in silks and cottons and wonderful weaves in tussar and jute which though indigenously made were not appreciated as they were simply not marketed in the right way. Fabrics formerly not envisioned for homes were now introduced in weaves that were suitable for upholstery and soft furnishings.

Increasing demand led to the opening of our first store at Om Chambers, in Kemps corner at the very heart of Mumbai. We wooed our elite customers with exotic, luxurious and unique cutting edge designs which were not available anywhere else.

Their passion was to offer something different and unusual to create and fill an existing niche for the discerning and appreciative home owner to transform their living spaces into the home of their dreams.

Transforming homes by dressing them up with gorgeous fabrics in vibrant or soft palettes is similar to seeing a beautiful woman who had taken care to groom herself, put on simple but elegant clothing and wow!, she turned heads!

The opening of the Indian economy led to people travelling all over the world. Some of the top international editors approached us to represent them in India. A leap of faith was taken and once again, FIRST IMPRESSION were the innovators in distributing and marketing imported European designs and fabrics.

A new phase in furnishings had begun - luxurious European textiles in velvets, jacquards, sheers dressed up elite Indian homes as Decorators and Architects saw the difference in the superior finishing of the home with these beautiful fabrics.

Today, we continue to innovate and introduce exciting fabrics that are beautiful as well as ecofriendly by using sustainable materials and using yarns that are stain resistant and are hypoallergenic.

Each home dressed with our fabrics are guaranteed to be unique, individual and different.

Today FIRST IMPRESSION fabrics are sold through Mumbai and Delhi.


At first Impression you will find European, Asian and American Fabrics which are sold exclusively through us in India .
In addition we custom manufacture fabrics for hospitality hotels and projects.

Our range today includes Fabrics for Curtains, upholstery and decoration, wooden flooring, wallpapers, curtain motors and accessories



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